Trevor Noah: You Laugh But It's True - The UNICEF Fly 

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From the Trevor Noah documentary: www.youlaughbutitstrue.com
Classic Trevor Noah bit filmed in October 2009.
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2015 25 مارس





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Travel Enthusiast
Travel Enthusiast پیش ماه
who's here after watching he vp debate fly video??🤣😜
Amina Advany Maglajlic
This is ALL I could think about when I saw the Vice Presidential debate in 2020.
MD D پیش سال
Thank you Trevor for exposing the ignorance of it all.
Badger پیش سال
Totally agree. It makes the Americans frightened to go anywhere outside America and behave like saviors wherever they go. They did not realise that a lot of their own people are living in the third world already. Their own fellow countrymen get shot by the police on a daily basis outside their door and they did nothing. But when one person get shot by the police on the shoulder after months of violent rioting, they send the loudest cry for freedom, as if they are free. They probably did not realise that their own country has the highest proportion of prison population in the world.
Brendalicia Turn's Musings
Oh yeah we don't know anything about Africa in America- this is true!
Mandi Samara
Mandi Samara پیش سال
Not gonna lie, when I saw one of those commercials on the TV... I was pregnant with my first child. My husband had to turn the TV off because it made me bawl. All I wanted to do at that point was go to Africa and adopt all the starving children. I'm Canadian though. I'm told no one wants to move here and endure our winters.
darnell harris
darnell harris پیش سال
This reminds me of the time my friend at work was talking about how fed up she is of working for this company and that she can't wait to go back to Haiti, when this other lady we worked with said "but don't you guys live in huts?"
Ciwei Zhu
Ciwei Zhu پیش سال
I can assure you not just American, i mean almost the rest of the world we are brainwashed by the media manipulation..
Weezy paker
Weezy paker پیش سال
I need to ask those ppl who do the ads where do they take money, coz Africa is continent and not the whole continent needs they're money, they need to be specific what country they're takin money to or they should use to help this homeless ppl that are everywhere in america it's fuckin crazy.
Badger پیش سال
As a Chinese, I cannot agree with you more. We do not know how to think independently!
DarkLittlePeople پیش سال
well, i'm not saying this to be funny or insensitive (but i accept any consequences), what gets to me are people with a fly in they freakin' EYEBALL !!! i mean, i can't help but think that if you can't or won't even blink, you're far too gone already, and it's just beyond sad (and possibly counterproductive if you are aiming to get more people involved) !
Frank Lyngdoh
Frank Lyngdoh پیش سال
Kia828 پیش سال
When he started talking about UNICEF, the first thing I thought of was that stupid fly 🤦🏽‍♀️.
Carolyn Chemabus
Carolyn Chemabus پیش سال
This has made me laugh more than anything else I have ever heard.
מישהו אחר
מישהו אחר پیش سال
I Just Love You Honesty
migty boop
migty boop پیش سال
you won my respect
Research0digo پیش سال
The end music is great. Nothing about the musician, tho. :(
eth forev
eth forev پیش سال
If you ever been in an area where there is drought and starvation you wouldnt make that Jock, Its like trying to explain how cold does ot get in north pole for some one who lives in a desert his whole life
Keyee Manna
Keyee Manna پیش سال
I love this skit. You are too funny. Truth to power. Love it.!
caasho like you
caasho like you پیش 2 سال
Came from middle class Africa when I got here I realized my family was rich lol I agree with you lol
Chef Esosa
Chef Esosa پیش 2 سال
Abhilasha Jha
Abhilasha Jha پیش 2 سال
As an Indian I agree too, depiction of India happens the same way all the time. Just look at hymn for the weekend, we have multiplexes guys and also, we don't smear our faces with colour all the time, just one day.
Minoshka Moraes
Minoshka Moraes پیش 2 سال
You are amazing
Tina Echema
Tina Echema پیش 2 سال
That's exactly how Africa is depicted on 📺 and that is very unfair
B-vens wenakio
B-vens wenakio پیش 2 سال
Love u guy u the big one
Suman Roy
Suman Roy پیش 2 سال
The fly that you saw, was a paid actor.
Kambura kirimi
Kambura kirimi پیش 2 سال
I know... Right..
Tabi 257
Tabi 257 پیش 2 سال
tell 'em trevor!!it's soo true
Paramveer Chana
Paramveer Chana پیش 2 سال
From india Becoming your big fan keep going All the best gr8 job
savagemaestro پیش 2 سال
iritem.info/cd/fy-lm-h-y/bKWkor25qGWynZ8.html They ARE trained.
Solmaz Parpaei
Solmaz Parpaei پیش 2 سال
Generally weasteners are brainwashed. Not only about Africa but about many other parts of the world. And talking about UNICEF abd UN generally, they should get a life and find some other types of jobs. They believe in no human rights. Its all propaganda.
omphile Gregory
omphile Gregory پیش 2 سال
Trevor Noah
rvmg پیش 2 سال
"We could still do this" and yet u don't When I was in Sudan, some local came up to talk to me while there is a fly on his cheek he was telling me something but I couldn't understand him I was dead focused on fly and keep saying yes like in a trance state god knows what I'm agree to
Marvin Seton
Marvin Seton پیش 3 سال
Hahaha... "One of your manufactured flies. Disney flies" The westerners always try to portray Africa as a pariah continent.
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry پیش 3 سال
Sitting in Africa watching this on my Mac...
Theodor Stein
Theodor Stein پیش سال
@Omo baba Olowo riding on lions would be cool though 😂😂
Omo baba Olowo
Omo baba Olowo پیش سال
Jos Heidemann yes, there are macs here in Africa. I’m using my iPhone X to reply to you by the way. Also we don’t ride on lions o
goku پیش سال
@Jos Heidemann 😆
Jos Heidemann
Jos Heidemann پیش سال
AS a stupid european, if have to ask you: is there Mac in Africa?
Weezy paker
Weezy paker پیش سال
I'm surprised no stupid american has ask you if there's Mac in Africa
livi w
livi w پیش 3 سال
Someone needs to explain to the rest of the world that Africa is a continent and each country in it is different.
mohsin kashif
mohsin kashif پیش 3 سال
he is very patriotic and he really loves Africa and his people I could feel emotions behind his voice
Maleah's Diary
Maleah's Diary پیش 3 سال
the flies honey...the flies...
AN Dromeda
AN Dromeda پیش 3 سال
they make the whole world that's not white look bad my dude
Ibtisam ahmed
Ibtisam ahmed پیش 3 سال
He is awesome!!!
mshev100 پیش 3 سال
I love the music at the end! Does anyone know what the name of it is??
Alessandro do Carmo Silva
Actually at some point you do get so starved that you don't really have the energy to keep shooing away flies anymore. Plus the hot weather makes you sweat and attract even more flies.
miss42310 پیش 3 سال
that ending was the best thing ever...
Langalakhe Yeni
Langalakhe Yeni پیش 3 سال
Spot on. And in his comedy, Trevor doesn't use strong language
Ayan Abdullahi
Ayan Abdullahi پیش 4 سال
Unisef fly is billion dollar company for punch of western theives stealing from the sheep
Athenkosi Athe
Athenkosi Athe پیش 4 سال
L G پیش 4 سال
What is that awesome music at the end?
Hamza Zedouk
Hamza Zedouk پیش 4 سال
you put a serious problem as a joke for what. to spotlight a fly and to say heey i'm smart
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar پیش 4 سال
This guy is Awesome!😀
diez tormenta
diez tormenta پیش 4 سال
I just wacht "you laugh..." true tell stories is brave and honest. Im agree with some opinions, you are arrogant and not comedian. You are an analist. Im glad to see you making criticism. We need that. I just hope Usa dont take your talent away making the usual re-makeup shit patina to sale it again like a super hero or disney freedom. I loved to see your roots and your career now. Respect.
Faza musleh
Faza musleh پیش 4 سال
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like it
ab Hadgu
ab Hadgu پیش 4 سال
You tell the true
Wu Su Ying
Wu Su Ying پیش 4 سال
The fly 😂😂😂
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma پیش 4 سال
i don't know who wrote this but "flies on upper lip is watermark of starving Africa" is plain genius. Awesome. Thanks for great comedy.
ProjectDystopia پیش 3 سال
@Yogesh Sharma I think your logic is dead so you're correct.
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma پیش 3 سال
ProjectDystopia I am dead already whom you are talking to?
ProjectDystopia پیش 3 سال
@Yogesh Sharma Why don't you think Trevor wrote this?
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma پیش 3 سال
ProjectDystopia mr blind. Pls check again. Its not "how" its "who". You can relax now.
ProjectDystopia پیش 4 سال
"I know who wrote this"? What kind of comment is that? You cannot attribute "plain genius" to this African?
Harshil Dave
Harshil Dave پیش 4 سال
That subscribe music scared me
Ahamed Zahran
Ahamed Zahran پیش 4 سال
It gives a great message to the society
Serkalem Lemassa
Serkalem Lemassa پیش 4 سال
God bless you dear Trevor, You just say what I have been talking about, pretty much you read my mind. I hope people in other countries will work hard to educate themselves. we are reach and a blessed continent thanks for the greatest god. God bless you and you did amazing job. we really appreciate you.
Rumbi Chiutsu
Rumbi Chiutsu پیش 4 سال
poverty pornography is what I call it.Africa should start having the triple X imposed on such pictures.
Ariel Summer
Ariel Summer پیش 4 سال
I love his stand ups. My favourite. Funny at the same time somehow educational. In all stand ups you find something wonderful and thoughtful.
isabelle daniel
isabelle daniel پیش 4 سال
I agree, it is difficult when you meet a lot of non-Africans they naturally start feeling sorry for you without the understanding that Africa is a continent made of different counties and not a country.
Sabah Malik
Sabah Malik پیش 4 سال
hahaha soooo damn true!!!
Gabriela Gonçalves
Gabriela Gonçalves پیش 4 سال
OMG the puchline was perfect
Kumba Mboge
Kumba Mboge پیش 4 سال
"no matter how poor or hungry we were, we could still do this" wow profound statement. I love u Trevor n Africa is so proud of u.
noyyoosh پیش 4 سال
Trevor Noah, you are my favorite comedian. keep it going on... you are so funny and Sharp at the same time.
Todaywithdoreen پیش 4 سال
hahahaha....lol.They make me angry too.
Damian Mitchell
Damian Mitchell پیش 4 سال
Trevor reminds me of a Chappell, he has a strong social and political message that hits you deeply when you pay close attention to what he's saying
Zahraa Al-Adily
Zahraa Al-Adily پیش 4 سال
loooooooool u killed me man! 😂😂😂😂
Peachy Keen
Peachy Keen پیش 4 سال
Every single time I ask someone why we don't learn about Africa in school outside of slave trade and possibly a few other events they say "because Africa's not really that important to us" like??? There are kids that know King Henry's birthday off the top of their head but couldn't place the democratic republic of the Congo on a map to save their life.
Mel Johnsons
Mel Johnsons پیش سال
@Shaaida Sufeyaan you are a blessing. What you said is so on
migty boop
migty boop پیش سال
Peachy Keen congratulations on your most underrated coment award!
Shaaida Sufeyaan
Shaaida Sufeyaan پیش 2 سال
Because African nations still prefers aid to trade we need to be liberated from the liberators to build credible democrasies cabile of genuine upliftment the stories are the same where liberator politics get stuck the only significant countries to learn about is mali and egiptian empire south africa is a good one because they have a large euro asian population struggle for independence boer wars zulu wars and apartheid followed by cold war dawn of multiracial democracy stuck at the hands of wannabe liberators singing praise to the dead instead of providing lesdership vision or development goals africa lacks unification and coordination there is nothing to learn here that the modern world hasnt already exsperienced in own histories we are in an age where info is at our finger tips but lost the ability to ask the right questions to keep learning relevant stuff
Bilal C
Bilal C پیش 2 سال
Peachy Keen I noticed that! I didn't learn about African colonialism until I was in my late 20s, self-taught! No school, just reading. Schools are useless!
yltraviole پیش 3 سال
The lack of education about anything except for what happened in my country, with sometimes America thrown in for good measure, angers me so much. I'd say that with the world becoming more and more global, it has become very important to learn more about Africa, as well as the other continents than the one we are born on. I mean, you can hardly understand the news if you don't have some basic knowledge about African countries and their history. Same for Asia and Southern America. Not to mention that there are many more immigrants from these countries today, and knowing and understanding their background and where they come from is pretty useful. Maybe in the 1950s you didn't have to be able to point out Congo on a map, but nowadays that would severely limit your ability to understand what's going on in the world today.
simich پیش 4 سال
The ending gut-punched me a bit, don't know why. Both funny and thought-provoking on different levels. I like it.
Erratus Enigma
Erratus Enigma پیش 4 سال
As someone who's received about 60 e-mails about stupidly rich Nigerian princes, I don't see how the world got its view that the country is entirely poor. I mean, isn't about half the population royalty? They do seem to have a bit of a problem with credit, though.
Emmanuel Osei
Emmanuel Osei پیش 2 سال
i smell the sarcasm
Brony Time
Brony Time پیش 4 سال
@TheYasmineFlower alot of my family's money goes into it
TheYasmineFlower پیش 4 سال
+Brony Time Oh please, welfare in the US is a joke.
Brony Time
Brony Time پیش 4 سال
+Erratus Enigma it goes to show people in the us complain about how their poor and need more welfare well guess what be glad their is welfare at all because in certain country's in africa (not all) don't even get welfare
changmin chi
changmin chi پیش 5 سال
He is just so great. not only entertaining us so well but also educate people properly. Natural-born genius!
SheenShow پیش 5 سال
This guy is sensitive and funny at THE SAME TIME!! YOU ARE SO DAMN BRILLIANT!
Ussama BinMiskeen
Ussama BinMiskeen پیش 5 سال
@Trevor_Noah would love to invite you for a dinner or lunch man :)
Ussama BinMiskeen
Ussama BinMiskeen پیش 5 سال
Good Job Trevor, I'm from Libya and I'm proud that I'm African, and I love Africa no matter what they say or show it .. so thank you man, keep up ...
Omotayo Oluwatowoju
Omotayo Oluwatowoju پیش 2 سال
The same Libya that enslaves other Africans?
samuel okeke
samuel okeke پیش 5 سال
As a Nigerian, some Africans are poor, but this uncief bull crap about 60 per cent nigeria living under 10 dollars daily is bull anus.. Am not even middle class and I eat fine
Purity Benson
Purity Benson پیش 3 سال
samuel okeke God bless you nwannem
DirtPeak پیش 4 سال
+samuel okeke Thanks for this input!
Fredy Rommy
Fredy Rommy پیش 4 سال
+samuel okeke IKR fucking UNICEF and their flies!
betelhem assefa
betelhem assefa پیش 5 سال
Its true and that's why i laugh! :) i adore you Trevor!
ladedade23 پیش 5 سال
the continent of Africa gave a lot of rich countries in it but also some poor ones.. The continent of Africa is resource rich. Why its important westeners show the worst to people in the west so when they put their hands in Africa (and never to the betterment of the truly poor) its justified moral and knowledgeable Western society to the rescue. But here's a bigger and funnier question why We never hear about rich African countries giving a fuck about poorer African countries? Yet we hear about how the west portrays African's as a whole as poor. ( If you missed the meaning, if you such a well off African where as you can afford to be offended about someone using hollywood dramatics to beg for money on your behalf, then maybe you need to do something to help your fellow Africans so Westerners can move onto some other publicity stunt cause.)
Anne McLaughlin
Anne McLaughlin پیش 5 سال
Oh these comments are scary. I was just going to say I thought it was very good and I too was wondering about the UNICEF fly. If it makes the Africans who are upset about perceptions feel any better, the King of Ethiopia sent famine relief money to Ireland in the 1840s. (Ireland was considered a Third World country until the 1920s, bet you did not know that). (That is based on things like population, land use, factories and "stuff" you know "stuff". It's Friday night, I'm a little drunk, me and UNICEF fly are just hanging out) I don't know why I post comments on here because mean down thumbs make me cry and i'm really a very nice person. I know I always have Unicef fly. UNICEF fly? --Where are you? Oh no it's Michigan and it got kinda chilly for flies and anyone south of Michigan and I left the window open....FLY??? Talk to me?! OMG someone help, UNICEF is going to kill me....ok ok well maybe if I put him where the sun might wake him up tomorrow...ok nobody tell UNICEF it was me....FLLLLYYYYYYYY ....nooooooo what have I done.....it's bad enough I ran over the Geico lizard yesterday...oops wait I didn't say that... I can just push cancel....
LaLabutterfly پیش 5 سال
Thank you Trevor for FINALLY an African on a platform everyone can relate to and is re-educated about Africa... Those starving children ads are so bloody annoying.
A man has no name
A man has no name پیش 5 سال
Americans do the same with very country just see how they depict Mexico in their movies.
Nirav Magwania
Nirav Magwania پیش 3 ماه
@A man has no name hey u shouldn't do like that 🙏😲 🤘😂🤘
A man has no name
A man has no name پیش 3 ماه
@Nirav Magwania Im just messing with you LOL
Nirav Magwania
Nirav Magwania پیش 3 ماه
@A man has no name I am so, sorry for that 🙏
A man has no name
A man has no name پیش 3 ماه
@Nirav Magwania thank you for commenting, this was my husband's youtube account, sadly he passed away 2 years ago.
Nirav Magwania
Nirav Magwania پیش 3 ماه
Hey just to remind you. That you have commented here before 5 years 🤣😂🤘
Mr. Qisit
Mr. Qisit پیش 5 سال
You are way beyond a comedian. You are a true man who can see the lies in cultures and make intelligent fun out of it. Cheers man.
Rachana پیش 5 سال
You are right dude....
Anaïs Ndeumo
Anaïs Ndeumo پیش 5 سال
Trevor you're awesome
lasirey پیش 5 سال
sooooo funny !!!! U're toi Much. Love from France &Gabon
Helen Helen
Helen Helen پیش 5 سال
U are the best!!!!!!
Sabz Khumalo
Sabz Khumalo پیش 5 سال
It is sooo true...whats with the flys..and the people do not even swat off the flys.
Semhar Zerai
Semhar Zerai پیش 5 سال
I just love you oh my God
Kwanele Mamba
Kwanele Mamba پیش 5 سال
Tim Chemaly
Tim Chemaly پیش 5 سال
Love you shows mate. you are the best!
fatimah پیش 5 سال
EK Antony
EK Antony پیش 5 سال
Need a comedian, I Noah guy :)
Dahlia Legacy
Dahlia Legacy پیش 5 سال
As an American, yes, pretty much. That's what scares me the most about going to Africa, the bugs. I'm really afraid of bugs. More than the average person. XD
Dahlia Legacy
Dahlia Legacy پیش 4 سال
@Brony Time True, but I scream like a girly girl and run away. XD
Brony Time
Brony Time پیش 4 سال
+Dahlia Legacy a majority of people are scared of bugs
Little Joe
Little Joe پیش 5 سال
He's right about the fly.That always bothered me. Even if you don't send money for food, at least donate a fly swatter or two.
Elfin Mind
Elfin Mind پیش سال
There’s a difference between funny and glib.
Gidena Kemal
Gidena Kemal پیش 5 سال
i hope u make a joke about what is happening at South Africa right now. hope u make a joke about that u South African r doing to other AFRICAN!!!!!!!!!!
SushiLuva1997 پیش 5 سال
Dude what if they get a heart attack
Dumb Dumber
Dumb Dumber پیش 5 سال
Wow, hack comic - recycle jokes much? - I've seen the same jokes from the 90's def comedy jams. And good on you for stealing material form Russell Peters.
Greezy Greatness
Greezy Greatness پیش 5 سال
Yo Trev- you're super awesome and I'm happy for your booming new success... But what is the name of that end song?! Starts at 2:06. That was too fresh! African jazz fresh!
Yuri Nate
Yuri Nate پیش 5 سال
Now that I think about it.. this guy sounds like Vaas from Farcry3. Just close your eyes and listen...
Jacelyne Reyes
Jacelyne Reyes پیش 5 سال
OMG that's crazy. He does sound like him a little
woff woff
woff woff پیش 5 سال
flys are better fed than some humans.. truth... we have being giving to Africa etc for 50 + years yet these adverts are still on tv.... shame on this world ..
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